they were far less shy, cuddling up at events and wearing matching USC caps

By the top of the year, however, they were far less shy, cuddling up at events and wearing matching USC caps on the sidelines at a football that November.

And so their relationship progressed like all other, the pair a reliable presence on the red carpet circuit as Nick hit the studio and Vanessa continued at TRL and co-hosted the Miss Universe Pageant in 2007. They were also welcomed into the unwelcome attention club as a few that summer once they were photographed from afar during a romantic, supposedly private trip to Mexico to celebrate their first anniversary.

“This is that the girl that I like,” Lachey told the OK! magazine in July 2007, as their attorney tried to stop even more intrusive photos from being published. “It’s tough to ascertain someone you care about be unfairly judged. It’s hard on behalf of me as a person to ascertain my girl undergo that. Everybody said it had been a scandal. Where’s the scandal? I used to be in Mexico with my girlfriend of a year, celebrating our anniversary on a personal vacation.”

Vanessa had extra plaudits for her boyfriend, telling the magazine, “I see even more now that Nick is that the man I assumed he was. He’s very strong and features a good head on his shoulders. I do know how he’s there on behalf of me. He has single-handedly pulled me through.” Visit Here To Read the latest Celebrity, business articles.

Their first war with the paparazzi behind them, they rang in 2008 with an enormous kiss on TRL’s 2007 New Year’s Day Eve special.

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