How to Create Your Own QR Code

A QR code (aka “Reality Codes”) is a barcode, which consists of an area code followed by a series of binary alphabets which are composed of characters which are understood by most of the popular scanning devices. Basically, a QR Code is a graphic representation of a URL, telephone number or address. Using a barcode scanner, you can readily locate any information and business at any time. With the advent of advanced scanning equipment, a QR Code Generator is now possible to create customized QR codes with just a few clicks. In this article, I will tell you more about what is a QR code generator, how it works, and what features it provides to make it an ideal tool for business promotion.


A QR code generator is an application which generates QR codes from free online text, phone numbers, addresses (fax/postal), or contact numbers (V-card). It allows you to scan or read specific QR codes even if there is no camera available. In short, a QR code generator is an efficient tool for promoting your business, giving you fast results and maximum exposure. Nowadays, the QR code generator can also generate dynamic QR codes.


How it works: To generate a QR code, you need a scanner and an imaging program. Scan the code on the scanner to obtain the image. Alternatively, you can also use a computer. After getting the image, open in an image editing program to modify it. You can change color, size, shape and background of the QR code.


Where to find them? These days, there are numerous online sources where you can get free images to use as a QR code. Some sites offer over 1000 images to choose from. You can also find an online community where you can share your ideas, articles and photos. Remember, though, that these images are usually licensed for promotional use and may not be redistributed. Free printable QR code generators are also available online.


Free software provides you with the opportunity to create unique QR codes by yourself. Some examples of such free software are Free Code Maker and a code generator. You can also use open source software like Open Office. However, these free software tools have limited functionality. For example, they do not support automatic updates. On the other hand, commercial QR code generators offer comprehensive features and support for multiple devices.


Free software and open source software offer different benefits. However, before installing any application, it is important to make sure it will meet your requirements. In case of a free software tool, make sure it is supported by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time. Lastly, ensure the website where you plan to put up the code has good navigation features. Happy printing!