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5 Ways to make your weekends stress free

Your weekdays maybe chaotic and hectic. Make sure your weekend is going to be all concerning health and attempting to relax your mind and body. A lot of us though cannot achieve the relaxation we dream of. Instead, we cram to do household chores, bring home some workloads, and the weekend goes by without any rest. Boom! By Monday, you feel tired and wishing it is Friday once more.

Here are some useful tips to make most of your weekend stress-free:

Connect with friends and loved ones

Most folks may need a while for ourselves or pay it simply with our partners, but having some time with friends or family over the weekend will also be good for you. It is all concerning feeling favourite and connected that contributes loads to our happiness. We pay on vital experiences with people who refer US which suggests that quite simply shopping for material things. read more

8 Ways to overcome through the barriers that keep us away from physical activity

  • There is a broad consensus about the benefits of performing Physical activity as an essential part of our daily routine.
  • This type of habit is especially important when you have a chronic disease, and diabetes is in the first line of these types of conditions. 
  • Why, despite the fact that almost everyone knows this reality, many times we meet people who fail to comply with this subject of health?
  • Nothing happens because of it and this is not an exception: we can identify a series of “reasons” for not performing exercises, barriers that prevent the realization of these practices.

List of barriers and Solutions

1.I do not have time to exercise 30 minutes a day. 

  • Do what you can do. Every act that involves movement counts in favour. 
  • For example, start with 10 minutes per day and incorporate more time, as your interest and motivation find a temporary space to do so. Another alternative: exercise 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day.

2.I feel very tired after working. 

  • Try to organize some physical activity you can do before going to work or in some interval, in the middle of the workday.

3.I do not have the right attire for physical activity.  read more

10 Secrets To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

10 Secrets To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

We are all looking forward to the arrival of the holidays. Many have already planned and others still doubt about the destination or how to meet this period of rest. But in either case, vacations can pose a threat to attempts to lose weight or, at least, preserve it without undesirable weight increases. It is not a matter of suffering a long journey of gastronomic deprivation, but of control, basically, the quantities consumed daily, even if it is the “light” variants of different foods. read more