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7 Natural ways to get rid of headache

  • Headache relief is a big business. Popping pills every time you get a headache can be a headache in itself. The next time you feel your  head throbbing, try one of these natural cures.
  • These 7 natural folk remedies are trusty fixes for stress headaches.
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    10 Best Ways to Manage Your Food Allergies

    Food Allergies – Take back control of your life

  • Do you suffer from a true food allergy or merely a food sensitivity? The answer could mean life or death. When food intolerance can be an uncomfortable annoyance, a food allergy can turn into a deadly reaction.
  • “An intolerance is a non-immunologic response,” This means your body’s reaction has nothing to do with your immune system. You suffer from lactose intolerance, from example, if your digestive system doesn’t make enough lactase, an enzyme that breaks down sugar in dairy foods.
  • Other substances that cause different reactions include sulfites, histamines, monosodium glutamate (MSG), red wine, chocolate, and artificial food colours.
  • Although food allergies mostly occur during childhood, some carry over into adulthood. Occasionally, they suddenly appear in adults who neve had a problem before.
  • A true food allergy though is your immune system overreacting to a certain food.
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    7 Natural ways to get rid of acne

    1.Baking Soda

    Make Paste of baking soda and Water. Apply to the face and leave on for five minutes. Rinse off with apple cider vinegar. Rinse again with clear water. Apply a coating of antioxidant oil to your face and leave on long. 

     2. Strawberries

    Rub face with a crushed strawberry. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm, then cold water. This will help to clear blemishes. Caution: Many people are allergic to strawberries. So try a patch test before proceeding to use the facial treatment.

     3. Burdock (Arctium Lappa)

    It is great astringent, removing excess oil from the skin. Use it reliably a day if your skin is oily. Put 2 handfuls of burdock roots and leaves in 2 cups of water. bring to a fast boil employing a chrome steel or glass pot. Lower heat and simmer 10 minutes. Dip a clean cloth into liquid and use as a compress until the cloth cools. Repeat this, keeping the liquid hot, for about 15 minutes. read more

    3 Unusual Strategies to Stop Kidney Stones

    Think of kidney stones as a crime. To solve it, first, you round up the usual suspects. These include two prime suspects – low fluid intake and high-oxalate diet. If you don’t get enough fluids, your urine becomes more concentrated, leading to crystals. Too many crystals can lead to stone formation. Foods high in oxalate include beets, rhubarb, strawberries, nuts, chocolate, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Other possible suspects include a low-calcium diet, which causes your body to absorb more oxalate, and a diet high in salt. Also, take family history into account. read more

    10 Most Common Myths About Diabetes

    10 Most Common Myths About Diabetes

    Myth 1: Sometimes, diabetes can be contagious. Or how do you explain that several members of the same family suffer from it?

    Although the cause is not known, diabetes is not contagious, like a cold or flu. The fact that several members of a family suffer from diabetes is due to genetic (or hereditary) mechanisms, not to a mechanism of contagion.

    Myth 2: Diabetics cannot consume sweets or chocolates.

    If sweets and chocolates are consumed as an “extra” in the context of a healthy diet, balanced and accompanied by physical exercise, prohibited foods are not. The problem arises if they are used to replace a meal or a snack. This is something important to consider because it can lead to important limitations and alterations in the quality of life, especially in age groups in which sweets are part of their universe, as is the case of childhood. read more

    How Your Game Addiction(PUBG) ruined your life and How To Get Rid Of It.

    Nowadays so many teenager and youngsters are game addicted. They can’t concentrate on their study and work. In some cases, it also affects their personal relationships with family, friends and loved ones. so, today I am going to tell you what exactly game addiction is and how to get rid of it.

    Gaming disorder

    How Your Game Addiction(PUBG) ruined your life and How To Get Rid Of It.

  • Gaming addiction including video or a digital game like PUBG(Player unknown battleground) is officially classified as a disease under the 11th revision of the international classification of disease by WHO in mid-2018.
  • Dr Vladimir Poznyak from WHO defines it as a particular pattern of gaming behaviour with characteristics like impaired control over gaming, gaming behaviour takes precedence our other daily activities and interests of the person to the extent that it results in impaired functioning or distress and what is important is that this behaviour continues in spite of this negative consequences.
  • Gaming disorder is not equivalent to gaming behaviour. It’s very different things. 
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